Book Trading/Buying Policy

We accept paperback and hardcover books in a variety of genres. To help make the trading/buying process go smoothly for everyone, we have listed some general criteria for the books we accept:

- No textbooks or romance novels

- The books need to be in good resale condition, this means: no water damage, no underlining or highlighting, and no ex-library books.

- If the books are hardcovers and were issued with a dust jacket, the book needs to have the dust jacket.

- We do not currently pay cash for children's books, or mystery/thrillers, but we are happy to offer shop credit for them.

In addition to this, we base our decision on whether the titles and authors will be desirable to our customers.

We offer 50% of the total resale value in shop credit or 25% in cash. The shop credit is good for nearly anything in the shop, but we are unable to accept shop credit for new books. (Sorry!)

We are happy to look at books any day of the week, excluding Saturday. If your books are rare, unusual, or may require appraisal, please call ahead for special buying hours.

Calling ahead is always appreciated due to our limited space and the occasional change in schedule.

Thanks so much for your interest and we hope to see you soon!

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