Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What does "very good" condition mean?

After the fourth call today regarding book selling and trying to explain what "very good" condition means, I thought I'd post this link to the Independent Online Booksellers Association.  

I don't take old textbooks (including that highlighted anthro/sociology/economics book you had to have for that one class).

I do take classic works of literature, science fiction, and great kid's books.

I don't accept ex-library books or books in poor/ reading condition.

I do take books that have the former owner's name written inside.

don't take books chewed on by your dog (or pig, yes, that happened).

I do take books that have been gently read, with maybe a crease or two.

I don't take hardback books that are missing their dust jackets.

I do take signed, first editions of the Wizard of Oz or Little House on the Prairie (a girl has to dream, right?).

I don't take romance novels.

I hope this is helpful and keep the good books coming!