Friday, December 27, 2013

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Anonymous said...

Dear "Independent bookseller in New Orleans, Louisiana, specializing in high quality used and rare books and art," aka, Blue Cypress Books,

Reading your blog makes me want to read a book. A lot of books. At least, the good books you blog about. Well said, you, what you said.

Does your blog end last December? Do keep blogging. I say, write a book with your blogger notes and bookseller stories, too, if you haven't, already. A diary of your blog notes would be as entertaining a read on paper and cardboard as it is on the Internet. And more lasting, if not as far-reaching geographically, at first. Or write any kind of book. You've got The Power.

So, I'm off to send this, with the precedent of proving I'm not a robot by typing two provided random words from Blogger: "erfhyst" and "use". At first I thought I was seeing "elfhyst". Now intrigued, I googled the "erfhyst" concoction. Not a real word, but one can imagine what erfhyst...or elfhyst could mean in some imaginary place...

Best Wishes,
John's Debi

P.S. I don't read as often as once-upon-a-time, but I love finding things inside books, too. Notes, photos, cards, pressed flora, recipes, grocery lists... . And thanks for buying my mug. The one you can drink from. Or not. Packaging it, curiosity and your address sent me off to your last year's and years before that blog. It's been great fun reading the diary of a bookseller.