Sunday, November 17, 2013

One Week to the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival!

We have just one short week until the 5th Oak Street Po-Boy FestivalAnd every year people ask if I'm open and every year I answer "Of course!" Here are some of the author signings located right under the shop window. Come on down and meet the authors. And yes, we will hold them for you until the end of the day so you can have your hands free for eating, drinking and dancing.
11-12 Cornell Landry will be signing Goodnight NOLA and several of his other popular books.
11:15-12 Ray Cannata (Senior Pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church) signs "The Apostles' Creed Rooted"
Noon -1 Susan Larson will sign her updated classic "The Booklover's Guide to New Orleans" 
1-2 Poppy Tooker signs her new release "Louisiana Eats!"
2-3 Todd-Michael St. Pierre signs his new release "The Southern Po-Boy Cookbook" and his earlier cookbook "Tastes of Treme."

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What does "very good" condition mean?

After the fourth call today regarding book selling and trying to explain what "very good" condition means, I thought I'd post this link to the Independent Online Booksellers Association.  

I don't take old textbooks (including that highlighted anthro/sociology/economics book you had to have for that one class).

I do take classic works of literature, science fiction, and great kid's books.

I don't accept ex-library books or books in poor/ reading condition.

I do take books that have the former owner's name written inside.

don't take books chewed on by your dog (or pig, yes, that happened).

I do take books that have been gently read, with maybe a crease or two.

I don't take hardback books that are missing their dust jackets.

I do take signed, first editions of the Wizard of Oz or Little House on the Prairie (a girl has to dream, right?).

I don't take romance novels.

I hope this is helpful and keep the good books coming!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Do not sub=lend to any one

A recently acquired collection of antiquarian books fed my interest in 20th century bookplates.  Here are some of my favorites: