Friday, April 22, 2011

New and Notable Today

Whew, what a busy day for bringing in books ~ everyone must have the "Spring Cleaning" need, which works out great for us!

Today's notable books:

1. The complete collection of Marilyn Ross' "Dark Shadows", all 32 volumes. Haven't decided on a price yet as there don't appear to be any complete collections on the market. Having fun doing the research . . .

2. A wonderful collection of Dover and Usborn activity books just in time for the Spring/Easter Break and the just-around-the-corner summer. Think stickers, mazes, road trip games, cut-and-assemble models, and the ever-popular (not really) "Kings & Queens of England to Color." Frankly shouldn't it be titled "Kings & Queens of England to Colour?"

Happy reading!

*UPDATE: That was quick. The Dark Shadows set is gone.

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