Thursday, September 30, 2010

New New Orleans books.

It's possible went a little crazy on the book buying spree but I picked up FOUR BOXES of new New Orleans and regional books. Oh, boy. I'm sure I needed to have every book that Johnette Downing wrote, right? And maybe I didn't need both the gold version of River Road Recipes in addition to the white "original" RRR. But I definitely did need the copy of Art Blakley Cookin' and Jammin' by Sandy Warren as there is an author signing event at the Maple Leaf Bar next Sunday, the 10th from 3-5. There is something so endlessly fascinating about New Orleans and I'm glad to lose myself in the writings of people who clearly love this town.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you DID need to buy every book Johnette Downing ever wrote! They are classics....oh, wait, do I have to sign my name to this comment. Oh well, okay, it's me, Johnette Downing! Thanks for the love and for buying my books for your store!!

johnettemusic said...

By the way, I featured your store in my Blog as one of my STORE WINDOWS OF THE WEEK because you featured my book in your store window. Check it out at
Thanks two times for the love!