Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Awakening - Kate Chopin

So glad to have another satisfying book club today. The general consensus was Kate Chopin's book remains the go-to novel on woman's search for self hood, self-discovery and identity. Chopin is almost relentless in her study on the revolt against gender conformity and against the standardized social norms of her times. Personally, I simply enjoyed how Chopin is able to bring each and every one of her characters, main and secondary, to life in just a few sentences. Brilliant. The best part of book club was when a fellow member set the stage for "What If." What if Edna had spoken to the Doctor and he'd advised she take an European sabbatical? What if Robert hadn't denied Edna? What if Robert hadn't come back from Mexico? I was a disappointed to find my edition did not have Chopin's collection of vignettes including, At Fault, as her shorts add to a greater understanding of her body of work.


Isabel said...

Love the look of your blog.

I need to come to your bookgroup soon.

But, I have been so busy with my homework that I might have to miss the International Club also for October.

Blue Cypress Books said...

Glad to hear that classes are going so well. And I can't wait until I have enough time to go to both of our groups. Your next choices are two of my favorites.