Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boxes upon boxes.

Some may know I'd been gathering books for years in order to get this place up and running. Two storage units later, I have my little bookstore with rapidly filling shelves. Unfortunately, the back store room is filled with precariously piled boxes threatening to engulf any who venture into the catacombs. Well I've stopped procrastinating (thanks massive construction!) and am finally cracking open these boxes, some containing books I haven't seen in years.
There are some really solid books in there (if I do say so myself) but I had a few favorites today. First, I found a copy of Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood, a play for "voice", later adapted for stage and film. While, I'm a fan of Thomas' work, I'm also a fan of Folio Society books. I just love the quality and the slipcases are a nice touch.
And, though I burn water, I was excited to find a stack of regional interest cookbooks, especially Tony Chachere's recipe for Wild Cherry Bounce, consisting of wild cherries, sugar, and bourbon. How could that combination be a bad thing?

Looking forward to tomorrow's finds . . .


WorkingWords100 said...

I have to make it to your area to check out the back books.

They look nice.


Blue Cypress Books said...

Thanks Isabel - the back room is way too crazy - looking forward to having it cleared!