Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Mardi Gras makes me tired."

One of the drawbacks to running your own business, is the conflict between needing to be at the shop versus anything but work. The little ones' faces when I told them no parades on Saturday was enough to make me delay opening the store until Tucks had stopped rolling.

Back on track today with regular hours thanks to Ms. B, but make no guarantees for the next three days, other than definitely closed on Mardi Gras. May stagger in on Lundi Gras afternoon depending on much I enjoy Bacchus. Ash Wednesday same as before only probably even later in the afternoon.

Sorry for the lack of professionalism but as my mister says "Everyone should get a pass during Carnival."

Give me a call at 352-0096 to see if I've stumbled in and a Happy Mardi Gras to all!

***Title courtesy of my 3 year old.


WorkingWords100 said...

Yes, the Mister is right.


Amy said...

Mardi Gras comes first, doncha know? Enjoy your days off! You deserve it! We are chilling out for the next couple of days, a combination of The Viking working and being just plain Mardi Gras-ed out. :)

If I make an Amish Friendship Bread starter up, will you make once of the extras up? And will y'all eat Apple Cinn jelly? I made fourteen jars today. :)

Jeez, you would think I was nesting :)

Mardi Gras Love,