Thursday, January 29, 2009


Anyone who has known me for a few minutes, probably knows of my undying love for one Mr. Ira Glass. A little taste for the uninitiated (Babysitting). I even named a cat after him (R.I.P. dear dear Ira). Well, The Onion (another favorite) has a new article re: the release of the TV version of This American Life. I actually purchased the 1st season some time ago but have been way to busy to watch it so I will reserve comment for on the experimental radio/tv show idea. I'm leaning towards this being a good thing as I've been blessed enough to have seen Ira in person not once, but twice! Once in D.C. and another, when Ira did a live version of his show here in NOLA a few months before HK. Anyway, just wanted to reiterate my deep and abiding affection for Mr. Glass. *Sigh*

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