Thursday, August 28, 2008

Still open for business.

Well, BCB is open for business until they make me leave. Especially since what people need when evacuating is something to read while they ride out the rain in a hotel. CNN/MSNBC repeat marathons will wear one out eventually.
Also, a meeting of the New Orleans Gulf South Booksellers Association had to be postponed. Sorry we couldn't make that one as I was looking forward to meeting with my fellow booklovers.
However, Gustav did postpone plans for the new carpet and bookcase installation. But it also gives me an excuse not to work at the store on Labor Day weekend and spend more time with the family. Yeah!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Get out your credit cards!

BCB is moving up into the 20th Century with the acceptance of credit/debit cards. Yeah, I know . . . a cash society is old-fashioned but it was working for awhile. But after the 50th "Do you take credit cards?" and watching people people often sadly put a book down, I realized I needed to move into the industrial age.

So, after a lot of surcharges v. monthly fees v. electrical contraptions v. phone lines, I've made the decision to take credit cards via Paypal. No need for a machine and I've been happily accepting credit cards payments from them for over 4 years of eBay selling.

So come on down and spend away!

Whew! Any day now . . .

So much work is going in to making the new Blue Cypress Books happen.

I'm completely tired of painting (why did I want to do this myself?!). But tonight will be the finishing touches and then moving on to some carpet. Carpet of course will lead to bookshelves. Bookshelves will lead to new lighting fixtures. New lighting fixtures will lead to books on the shelves. And books on the shelves will lead to open doors.

All is set for an early September opening. For my local friends, come on by for some serious deals as the books I don't have to move next door will look great on your shelves!