Friday, September 5, 2008

Power on Oak Street.

Came back to a safe & sound business on Wednesday morning and a busy Oak Street. Rue and Zots are both serving coffee and pastries to those of us who can't live happily without the caffeine buzz. Gelato Pazzo is also open as is the new Indian place, Curry Corner. I also heard Castillo's is open as well as a few others.

I myself would also be open if I had books. Unfortunately, I was in the process of moving in to the new store when 'ol Gustav struck and I'm still without carpet & shelving as my contractor is somewhere in Texas!

Still, it wouldn't be any fun if I couldn't sell some books, so tomorrow, I'm throwing up a few tables to provide to those who still have nothing much to do in the evenings but sit around candles and read a good book. See you tomorrow!

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